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Impianti i kombinuar i rrëshirës së stacionit të parandalimit të gazit të kompanisë Kryen stërvitje emergjente

Koha: 2022-10-12 Goditjet: 35

In order to implement the requirements of the superior safety emergency department and further improve the level of safety production equipment, the company's gas prevention station was officially established in August this year. At present, the gas control station is equipped with communication duty room, pharmaceutical equipment warehouse, training room, etc., which can meet the needs of gas control business training and duty combat readiness, and provide a solid guarantee for enterprises to effectively prevent potential risks and do a solid job in fire and gas prevention. In the afternoon of October 12, 2022, the gas control personnel of the gas control station of the company and the employees at the production site of the resin plant jointly conducted a live drill for the trapped personnel caused by the leakage of vinyl chloride from the converter in the synthesis section.

During the drill, everyone cooperated closely. From alarm and warning, wearing protective clothing to on-site rescue and accident site disposal, all links were tight, orderly and orderly, and the drill objectives and tasks were successfully completed. Through this drill, the cooperation between the on-site staff and the gas control personnel has been effectively improved, and the emergency response ability after the accident has been strengthened. In the future, the gas defense personnel will closely cooperate with the employees of each factory to conduct regular drills, so as to do a good job in fire and gas defense and ensure the safe production of devices!

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